Project Outcomes

Customised courses for local contexts
in Second Chance Education

The “GenY/Z-SCOODLE Learning Hub” supports the capacity building of youth professionals by developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalised youth, and fostering their inclusion and employability. It encourages the establishment and further development of cross European networks of youth professionals, providing access to:

Self-assessed, open recognition and external assessment tools (SCE Tutor Accreditation Scheme)
Registration and participation to training modules of customisable courses of supported self-paced learning (with mentoring)
Training materials, coupled with webinars of “fast-track” up-skilling of adult educators to become mentors of youth professionals
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Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Framework and Accreditation Scheme

Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Framework and Accreditation Scheme with the bundling and categorisation of minimum set and a model of customization, according to priorities, of this competence framework. The Gen Y/Z-SCOODLE Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Framework & Accreditation Scheme aims to strengthen the professional awareness and capacity building of youth workers and other youth professionals (including teachers who are offering services in the field of youth), in order to offer engaging (SCE) learning opportunities especially to hard-to-reach young people.


IO1: Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Framework and Accreditation Scheme

Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Development Courseware

This Framework has been built in order to embrace set of guidelines for building those fit-to-purpose (modular) Courses, which had to be met for the pilot courses developed by the partners. Based on the Competence Framework the GenY/Z-SCOODLE project provides the Competence Development Courseware (Program) Framework to enable the key actors, the VET trainers and SCE teachers, together with other youth professionals, to acquire the competencies they need to work with the youth on the margins.


IO2: Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Development Courseware (& Quality Framework)

Learning Hub: customised courses for local contexts in SCE

The building of the Learning Hub serves as an online training platform, hosting the courses to provide with the corresponding benefits of those youth professionals participating to across Europe. The Learning Hub is being accessible to those interested in, being hosted in the Second Chance Education Platform while presenting the partners’ modular courses to be piloted, exemplifying the use by the interested professionals and how they can go with their up-skilling by building their own courses. 


Educators of Second Chance Education (SCE), youth professionals and learners, youth, and young adults – the Gen Y/Z, you can find an overview of modules available in the Learning Hub with an introductory explanatory video about each module for your own continuous professional development (CPD) in various languages.


Absenteeism Improving Communication Skills Language Sensitive Teaching Communication skills for education Skills for improving tutoring methods Methods of integration, motivational skills, and intercultural approach for young people Social relationships at school Tutor Courseware Framework Competence Framework


Guidelines for e-learning courses

GEN Y/Z – SCOODLE Transferability Toolkit

The Transferability Toolkit aims to explain how to use the newly adapted resources and tools and to describe how Youth Second Chance Education professionals can develop their own set of tools and resources and further expanded in Gen Y/Z-SCOODLE.


Tranferability Tool Kit

Transferability Kit: Guidelines for Youth

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