About the project

A challenging situation

Young people face uncertainties regarding their future due to technological changes, discrimination, social exclusion and their exposure to fake news and populism, with yet unknown effects on jobs, skills and democracy itself. For the first time since the 2nd World War, there is a real risk that today’s young generation will end up less well-off than their parents¹.

¹ White Paper: The future of Europe, March 2017

Eurostat’s data show

People at risk of poverty or social exclusion
Ages 16-29 years
NEETs (“Not in Education, Employment, or Training”)
Ages 20-25 years
Ages 25-29 years

Eurostat, 2019

In line with the EU Youth Strategy 2019-27, the European project GEN Y/Z-SCOODLE recognises the need to enable young people to be architects of their own lives, build their resilience and equip them with life skills to cope with a changing world, become active citizens and agents of positive change in communities across Europe.

Youth professionals are key to combatting social and economic exclusion of young people and providing them with the necessary skills to re-engage with the communities and society. Youth workers, mentors and coaches act as role models and therefore need to show that they are lifelong learners, active citizens and innovators, in order to promote similar attitudes to youth.

What we do

Gen Y/Z aims to build, pilot and validate sustainable solutions in order to upgrade the capacity of youth professionals and eventually youth organizations, addressing the lower range of Generation Y (aged 25-29) and the upper one of Generation Z (aged 15-24), through European state-of-the-art second chance education (SCE) methods and practices.

More specifically,
the objectives of GenY/Z are:

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