Second Chance On-Line Opportunities
for the Development of Learning
for Engagement

Youth professionals are key to combatting social and economic exclusion of young people and providing them with the necessary skills to re-engage with the communities and become active citizens.

Recognizing the diverse competences needed for the youth workers to deliver the multi-faceted role of the “mentor”, the GenY/Z SCOODLE project aims to build sustainable solutions in order to upgrade the capacity of youth professionals and organizations, through state-of-the-art Second Chance Education (SCE) methods and tools.

The “GenY/Z SCOODLE Learning Hub” supports the capacity building of youth professionals by developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalised youth, and fostering their inclusion and employability.


Youth practitioners


Policy makers/Decision makers

Who is involved?

Second chance trainers/mentors/counsellors/youth workers


Educational institutions


Youth organisations


Local governments

Project partners

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